Digital Automatic Polarimeter Model : Li-P701



Pharmaceutical Industry

 Monitoring chemical processes Characterizations of new synthetic substances Hospitals


Chemical Industry

  Determination of changes in the conguration Monitoring chemical processes

Sugar Industry

   Quality control of original and end product Determination of fructose and glucose


Food Industry

A polarimeter is a scientific instrument used to measure the angle of rotation caused by passing polarized light through an optically active


substance. Some chemical substances are optically active, and polarized (uni-directional) light will rotate either to the left (counter-clockwise) or


right(clockwise) when passed through these substances.The amount by which the light is rotated is known as the angle of rotation. The angle of 


rotation is basically known as observed angle.



  • Automatic Polarimeter instrument used to measure specific optical rotation of optically active substance
  • Measuring optical rotation and sugar degree Storage of three times results
  • Built in auto controlling system with servomechanism Calculation of average values
  • Automatic Measurement Measurement of dark colored sample RS232 Interface




The Automatic polarimeter provide excellent application modes. Without Sacrificing accuracy and precision it is an ideal instrument for various application.




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