Automatic Polarimeter With Touch Screen Model : Li-P702



Pharmaceutical Industry

 Monitoring chemical processes

Purity control and determination of concentrations Characterizations of new synthetic substances Hospitals & Pharmacies


Chemical Industry

 Purity control and determination of concentrations

Analysis of optically-active components (qualitative and quantitative Determination of changes in the configuration

Monitoring chemical processes


Sugar Industry

 Quality control of original and end product Determination of fructose and glucose Quality control


Food  Industry

 Determination of concentration Purity control

 Quality control


The Automatic touch screen polarimeter LI-P702 provide excellent application modes Without Sacrificing accuracy and precision it is an ideal instrument for various application.




  1. Touch Screen Colour Display Temperature Display
  2. Need not prewarm when turning on.
  3. Measuring specific rotation, optical rotation, sugar degree and concentration
  4. Automatic repetition-measurement for 6 times, and calculation of average value and means square root Measurement of dark-colored sample
  5. USB & RS232
  6. Response Time 3°/sec.
  7. Faraday mangneto-optical modulator Polarizer Polarizing flm
  8. Digital Polarimeter based on Optical null principle
  9. No warm-up time is required when instrument is switched on Insulated Sample chamber to keep sample temp. constant Photodiode Detector
  10. Purity method - saccharic concentration


Tehcinical Specifications