Digital Abbe Refratometer LI-R501 ( With Software )


This instrument can widely be used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar refining and food industries, as well as in related colleges, universities and scientific research institutions for measuring the refractive index ND of transparent or subtransparent liquid or solid substance. This instrument can also be used to measure Brix (BX) of the sugar solution, and to correct the affect of temperature on the Brix automatically. In addition the instrument can display the temperature of the sample.






  • Measuring Modesmodes-r501

1.Refractive Index

2.Brix of sugar solution

3.Brix TC of sugar solution

4.Automatic detect Temp. shown in display

Control Panel

1.  Monocular system.panel-r501


2. Telescope adjustment.

3. Digital display.

4. Mains switch "POWER".

5. Push button "READ".

6. Push button for Brix with temperature correction "Bx - TC".

7. Push button for the refractive index " D".

8. Push button for Brix without temperature correction "Bx".

9. Optical control.

10. Light intensity unit.

11. Refractometer prism.

12. Push button for temperature indicating. "TEMP".


Supplied complete with dust cover and maintenance box that includes:

-  1 calibration standard,sample-r501


-  1 Hex key,


-  3 lamps 6.3V, 0.25 A.


-  3 fuses 1 A.


-  1 RS-232 Cable


-  1 Software CD Manual


-  1 Main Lead


-  1 Operating Manual


-  1 Dust cover